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A study of the project you c what? ray ban wayfarer sunglasses replica A study of the project is collecting you an analysis of information to identify the characteristics of this environment. It sd of work for Measurement, Analyzes to understand its operation: the problem APPROBATION, read beneficiaries / target audiences, actors and read Proposers solutions, etc. When did a study of you project, to read players test you industry on which we watch positions, the understanding of how solutions that rpondent offer to the problem APPROBATION but also determine read beneficiaries that target, their characteristics, their needs . D L is enough to Establish a relevant project that has a real value add. To make you study the project can raliser surveys, December survey in the field, corn crazy Supposed to research areas document on the Internet or the library.

Why you Tudia the project? ray ban wayfarer sunglasses replica The project allows the you to Confront They let her project idea reality. We must therefore see bags the right questions. Not to be ngliger this milestone. Without this study, the risk did ct d target, the template identify you sector actors / existing solutions, thus offering something which already exists (this There why not say the good has responds well to the problem!) especially corn waste time to see how chouer his project. Corn validate a solution, c difficult! For the design to prototype, it is IMPORTANT to see help. J Search on Google bottle manufacturers have worse. J chose the design the 5 bottles I liked Leplus. Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses replica A j asked a friend of tips for how Print on lesbouteilles dcor. J command thus making 50 bottles 200. C monprototype! J have made a rel test during Christmas market. J sold my Premire 22 bottles.